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Adwords Killers - How to Waste Money on Adwords

Adwords Killers - How to Waste Money on Adwords

Are you one of the people that are wasting money every day on Google Adwords by paying too much for clicks and buying clicks that are completely worthless? The chances are that you are even if you don’t think you are!

The reason so many people are doing this is because they are making some (or maybe all) of the Killer Adwords Mistakes. These are the mistakes that cost you money and they are so easy to make. Luckily, they are also very easy to fix so read on to save yourself some serious money.

Killer Mistake number one is not using Conversion Tracking. So many people talk about how they are getting a great click through rate or really cheap clicks but when I ask them if they are actually turning those clicks into customers they suddenly go very quiet.

What is the point of a great click through rate if your clicks don’t generate any business? One of the best ways to track which clicks are giving you business is through Google’s own Conversion Tracking.

Why people don’t install it is beyond me. It’s free and Google make it very easy. Just click on the Conversion Tracking link next time you are in Google Adwords and follow the simple steps.

Killer Mistake number two is not using the broad, phrase and exact matching options for your keywords. Google sets up your keywords using the broad matching option as standard. However both phrase and exact matching are usually cheaper and provide a targeted click that is more likely to convert.

Killer Mistake number three is not using negative keywords. A negative keyword stops your ad being displayed if that word is being used in the search. So for example, if you are selling a product then you probably would not want your ad showing when someone typed free into Google. So spend some time thinking up negative keywords for your campaigns. It will save you a small fortune in wasted clicks.

Killer Mistake number four is writing ads that are misleading. I see this so often. People get so hung up on getting clicks that they start to make their ads more and more attractive with outrageous claims. The ads almost scream please click me! Unfortunately once the ad has been clicked the visitor soon finds that site doesn’t deliver the promises of the ad and they leave. So that’s another wasted click.

Killer Mistake number five is advertising around the clock chasing all the clicks you can. Take a good look at your conversion rates. Look at the time of the day when you get your best conversions. Also check out which days of the week. Then use the scheduler in Adwords to only advertise at your best times. You will be spending your budget at your best times and you’ll get more conversions for your money.

Killer Mistake number six is advertising in every country. If people can’t buy or use your product in their country, why allow your ads to show to those countries? Also just target your best selling countries and locations.

Killer Mistake number seven is not using the reports in Adwords. There are lots of really useful reports that tell you a lot about how your campaigns are doing and they allow you to spot lots of improvements you can make. You can also set the reports up to run regularly and email you with the results. It’s that easy. So if you have never tried the reports then please go and spend some time looking through them. You will be amazed.

Killer Mistake number is eight is worrying about being in the top spot. So many people get obsessed about getting their ad into the top spot. I’ll let you into a secret. The best converting spots are usually positions two and three. The top spot is rarely the best spot. So why pay for it!

So now you know about the Killer Mistakes you can do something about them today.

Source: superadvertisingtechniques.com

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